The Segmentation of Society

Dominus Owen Markham
7 min readMay 23, 2024

A Rapid Road To The Future

NightCafe — Me

When I was 13 years old, I remember vividly, a geography lesson in which we looked at the way humans had settled in various locations geographically and the reasons why.

At the time personal computers and retail parks where just a notion and not yet a reality, but the teacher forewarned of how the future landscape may look.

He said that computers would rob people of their jobs and “retail citadels” (his phrase describing the retail park idea) would fragment society economically and the places in which they would live.

And, yes, what he spoke of came to fruition, computers became commonplace and impacted they way we worked and indeed added to leisure choices. The “citadels” of retail meant housing and transport changes often migrating people from the cities and villages they once graced with their well-earned cash.

Villages, towns and cities have become much less of a hub for people and many authorities are trying to juggle a rework on how they can economically bring people back to the often abandoned buildings and even historic areas.

Meanwhile, society is grappling with Climate change, Global Wars, Political unrest and the wake of a Worldwide pandemic. All of these impacting on peoples lives and way of life in as many ways as you can think…