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Business In Your PJ’s

Dominus Owen Markham


Living the dream…working from home, making money in your pj’s…

It is so appealing and a concept that many more have experienced, especially in the wake of the COVID pandemic which forced many to work remotely.

So, how does it feel for YOU?

The truth is I have lived this way for over a decade and it had always been my primary aim to drop off the hamster wheel and do my own thing.

I couldn’t wait to be in charge of my destiny and fully get amongst the ducking and diving of self-employment.


To be honest, I do miss wearing my suits and being dressed to impress.

Look, I guess being a bit “old school”, wearing more formal attire for school, work and military service felt/feels right.

There was never anything more psychologically satisfying than getting into a business suit for a day at the office and then returning home to cast off that costume. These actions kind of set a demarcation between work and play.

Nowadays, living in rural Spain, I can't even consider getting myself a good pair of brogues, the terrain requires hiking shoes rather than styled leather-soled shoes.

Apart from some local weddings, I can't even say I have seen suits being worn anymore (suits don't even seem to be the “thing” for funerals either).

Earlier this week I had a meeting with the Mayor of our nearby town as I am being commissioned for some social media marketing work for them. My biggest stress was, what the hell should I wear?

As it happened, open-neck shirts, sketchers and a warm casual jumper or cardigan were the order of the day!?

OK, so things change and we all have to move with the times, but it still niggles me a little….and here I sit, tapping away dressed in weather-beaten jeans and a sweat top….hmmmmm.

Do you miss the formal dress convention?

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