Older Than The Internet

But Still Attracts The Best Conversion Rates!

Dominus Owen Markham
3 min readJan 8, 2024
By Dominus Owen Markham via NightCafe

Something older than the internet and still attracting the best conversions and with an almost FREE overhead!

The earliest email concept came to life in 1965 when MIT wanted to leave messages on the engineer's shared computer terminals. From here Ray Tomlinson (ARPANET — the research project that eventually kicked off the internet) created a system that could send electronic messages between computers that were connected.

The Internet, though its origins stem from around the same time, officially was born on 1st January 1983, the point where a standard means of communication between computers.

Now, some interesting figures on the effectiveness of email marketing against general paid advertising:

Paid Advertising, for every $1 spent the ROI is approximately $2.30

Not too shabby eh? , double your money?

Email Marketing? For every $1 spent the ROI is approximately $36.00!


And the saying goes: “The Money Is In The List”, but oh so many:

a) don't go out to create a list.

b) very few know how to effectively market to them.