Information Overload…Or Dilution?

Living In A Brave New World

Dominus Owen Markham


by Dominus Owen Markham — Via NightCafe

The inbox is crammed with curated articles, sales pitches and spam.

The social media streams of ads, posts, reels and snippets of information, are, just that, streams!

The way we search for information is massively diverse in both our options and indeed the way it is presented to us.

Clearly, this is a status of Information Overload…or maybe more a Dilution of Information?

People, by nature, become overwhelmed by too many “inputs” at once, whether that be physical, emotional or informational. And with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the speed of content creation, the good, the bad and the ugly, has increased that funnel pointing at us.

Our problem, as human beings, is being able to sort the wheat from the chaff. And exactly how do we prioritise what is useful, junk or incorrect junk?

Television and brand leader “news” vendors have been bombarding us for decades with sponsored ads and a degree of misinformation egged along by a political or financial bias (both usually). Unfortunately, there is a vast cross-section of the world that allows a continuation of the manipulation of reality without even attempting to source an alternative and unbiased view.

As eluded to earlier, AI’s ability to spew forth reams of information, stories, sales pitches, email copy, books, and video scripts in mere moments has bolstered the mix. And as recently noted it can often “hallucinate” or serve up a completely different version of the world.

AI, in all its varying guises, is an advancement in technology which has proven valuable in several ways, but again, there are people out there just taking its output as fact. When you consider Google pulled its recent Gemini AI iteration after is numerous historical and graphical errors that put their financials into a bit of a nose dive…hmmm, it’s worth noting.



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