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Dominus Owen Markham
3 min readMar 6, 2024

So, What’s Your Strategy?

Sooooooo, here we go again, Google announces yet another algorithm update, It has been quite a 12 to 14-month period of this ducking and diving eh?

If you pop over to YouTube, you will find many videos about what is happening, but the essence is:

  • Expired Domain Abuse
  • AI Cut n Paste

Are what they intimate in a somewhat guarded way and ironic given their transition to AI as the base of their business.

OK, so the main thing you must keep in mind is, that Google is in business, a business that revolves around making money…hey don't knock em for that, ain't we all?

We can expect many websites to fall from favour and even the “good guys n gals” sites to suffer a nudge down here and there.

So, what’s to be done?

Now I know many are jumping on the AI tools, some producing massive swathes of content but, be aware, this may give you a black mark against any ranking.

I have to say, when AI hit the market, I was a little dubious as to me it feels more like PLR (Private Label Rights) content. But of course in the last year or so, things have improved…but people are not using AI a) in the right way b) just cutting n pasting it….much like PLR over the many decades that has been about.

I see AI, as a tool, if it’s one of the ones connected to the internet, then it is a worthy tool, in my opinion. A tool like a massively clever “Grammerly”, let’s say. But people need to treat it as such and also ensure they fact-check what it is spewing out.

You need to think about the content, again much like PLR, and is it valuable information, is it speaking in YOUR voice?

It’s great to push out a month's worth of content at the “push of a button”, but really, is it good solid provable information….does it have substance…does it have anything of YOU in it?

And, yes, I have used AI, it can be a great research tool and also a cool outline creator, but user beware!

As for the expired domain use, well yes, I get that, to some degree, but if someone acquires a valuable domain name with great backlinks (that are niche relevant)…



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