Ghostwriting Success in the Age of AI

Dominus Owen Markham
8 min readMay 19, 2024

When artificial intelligence (AI) blasted onto the scene, it shook the ghostwriting community to the core. For years, you may have been making a comfortable living offering your skill and talent to those who either had no time or talent to write their own materials.

You were writing blog posts, full information products, sales copy, emails, and more — and then as word spread to your clients about a free and easy method of generating content, they dried up for the most part.

Now some clients don’t want anything to do with AI. It’s a technology that can’t be used carelessly or your output will be disastrous. It also blatantly says it can and will make stuff up.

So for those clients, it was off-putting to begin with. But those may have been few and far between, and the competition to secure ghostwriting clients (especially at top dollar) was then even more fierce.

Instead of giving up your ghostwriting career, I’m going to share some ways you can use the availability of AI to your advantage. This includes taking the polar opposite approach and staking claim to the “never AI” position if you prefer.

You’re not becoming extinct in the online business world unless you simply give up. You can still thrive and have a very lucrative career — especially now that the shine has worn off…