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NYC Cafe?

Dominus Owen Markham


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When people work for themselves there is always a consideration of “what is their ideal work environment?”

I know a few people who work best in a room adjusted to be like an office, perhaps with a certain genre music playing, maybe even a particular level of lighting and at specific times of day.

We are all different in respect to what physical configuration “feels right” and gives us our creative and productive spark.

For me the bricks and mortar set up can be important but also a quite fluid entity dependant on the time of day. However there is one element that works well for me, helps me settle into a state of inspirational creativity…but it’s more about conjuring a certain head space.

My favourite place in the World to visit and spend time, is New York City, a place I have returned to many times. I sense the vibrance of the diverse population and a certain level of typically New York sense of pride about their city.

There is nothing better, for me, than settling into one of their cafe’s, quaffing coffee, reading and periodically writing. The writing may be swathes of work or just notes, outlines of my next project I am working on…but THIS is my ideal environment.

In truth, when I find periods of “blank page” before me, I visualise being there, there in a NYC café. The atmosphere, the mix of cultures, the energy all seeping into me via some form of osmosis.

So, whether I am working with my laptop in my designated workspace at home or on a train traversing Europe using my tablet, I can manifest a NYC café situation and revisit the energy that environment gives me.

Do have a certain physical location or head space environment that works for you? Or am I just the wild card many say I am lol?

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