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Dominus Markham
Entrepreneur, Writer, Web Developer, Business Coach, Online Marketer, Coffee Lover, Geek — Carpe Diem

I’m spilling the beans…

Hi peeps

Now, I am pretty sure many of you will have heard of the “push button” methods to making money online?

Maybe even seen “FREE Traffic Software”?

Well, yes there are ways to technically push a button and get your offers and services seen and some of the glossy sales pages will intimate THEIR cloud based method is all you will ever need.

Ha! If only that was true, to be honest these claims are backed up the fact that, yes you will get “some” traffic, but you aint going to get ground shaking response…

The US and its Allies Accuse China of Global Crypto-Jacking and Cyber Hacking

Website Lacking Visitors?

Times are hard…….well yes, they are and of course we see times as being hard because of the limitations of COVID…However:

If you have a website/blog OR want one, you will ALWAYS want Visitors.

Now, some of you with websites already may be finding your visitor statistics are low…..some of you may not even know what your current visitor statistics are… that YOU!?

Having a website or blog “out there”, it is never a case that “build it and they will come”, because quite frankly, NO they WONT.

Yes, you may get visits to your website because…

Thankfully, the Vgrid K10, he was wearing, had a new cooling cylinder and was light enough to not add to the heat of the day as he walked over to his transport.

From his jacket he brought out a Viruscan wand and passed it over the car door, the check came back negative. He sighed, thinking back to the old days when you wouldn’t have even thought of passive contamination on your vehicle, not beyond the occasional spot of bird shit.

Sitting behind the wheel, he dropped the windscreen visor down, pressing the button to scan his temperature and vital…

Dominus Markham

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